gearbox refurbishment and enhancement

gearbox refurbishment by Howley EngineeringBefore

Protective casing introduced as part of refurbishment to prevent further damage and premature wear.

Gearbox refurbishment and enhancement from Howley EngineeringAfter

Howley Engineering specialises in refurbishing all types of industrial gear units from many industrial sectors, including steel, cement and sugar manufacture, power generation and heavy lifting. We refurbish gearboxes of all types, up to 15 tonnes, from any manufacturer.

When working on refurbished industrial gearboxes, it is customary Howley practice to upgrade the units during their refurbishment to improve performance and reliability. This can be achieved with minimal impact on price by improving sealing arrangements, increasing bearing capacities and generally using enhanced materials on the components which require renewal.

The consequence of Howley’s approach to gearbox refurbishment is the provision of “better than new” gear units.

Full Service

Howley Engineering offers a comprehensive refurbishment service. This includes gearbox removal and replacement by a standby unit , if appropriate, refurbishment at our own workshops, full proving and finally reinstallation on the customer’s site.

Speciality Refurbishment

Howley Engineering specialises in refurbishment of Bogiflex and Haflex units. These units are predominantly used in the steel industry, on, for example, drives for converters, sinter machines, breakers, torpedos, bucket wheels and stacker reclaimers.

Another product in which Howley Engineering specialises is the exciter unit, used commonly on vibrating screens for grading of granular products such as sinter rock and coal. These are particularly demanding because the conversion of rotary to linear motion requires specialist knowledge. We have built our own specialist test rig to ensure that all these box are rigourously tested prior to reinstallation.